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Re: What Celtic Heroes skill would you want real life?

P1R4HN4 wrote:
Deebaws wrote:
Criminal wrote:Ohhhh how could I have forgotten Hide. Naked girls in the showers, here I come!

Camoflague lasts longer.

Camo only works for longer distances, get too close and you may alert a damsel of your tomfoolery ;) hide keeps us rogues hidden no matter how close :)

It's as if u all have it all planned out. Lol.
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Re: What Celtic Heroes skill would you want real life?

Oberyn wrote:It maybe useless in game..but...HIDE is the only skill we actually need in real life.

Called it. You're welcome :)

Besides...we can recast it before it ends..unless we are spotted...at that point, just run for your life. get out of combat range and maybe the ladies will give up and walk back.

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