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Re: sao.

Shadowbolt2 wrote:This is a dumb question, but what is Sao?

Sword art online is a japanese TV show or commonly known as anime. It involves a virtual reality MMO with 2 seasons. The first season is more shocking and much more of a scare to it since it's mainly about a game where if you die you die in real life. The second season is different but involves the same cast and is built with new cast members. ;)
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Re: sao.

Thx :)
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Re: sao.

I was not too impressed with the ending of Sao it seemed way too abrupt and did not have a ease into the ending. After the GGO arc it lacked a solid transition into a next phase. It then attempted to transition into a smaller arc related to alfheim and didnt really have a solid theme with all of the drama at the end.
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Re: sao.

I think I new season will be released sometime next year. My guess Is that this will be about alfhiem and how yui said all those events leading to a great final war. I think that in SAO season 3 it will be about this final war and possibly the return of kayaba
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Re: sao.

Sao is a light novel. There's much more released than there is on anime. It's still going, too....

Sadly there's only a few volumes in English so far.
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