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A Good IOS or Xbox game for a non-gamer type

With Celtic heroes becoming a play to win game more and more every day, I thought it was high time I got a new game and played that for a while before returning to CH. Apart from an unused Xbox 360 my iPhone is my only gaming gadget.

So any suggestions on what IOS game I should get (or Xbox), price isn't really an issue.
I like adventure games that keep me in suspense (preferably one with a good free roam).

On a side note, I am not a gamer so if that could be factored in somewhere I would greatly appreciate it :)

Thank you :)
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Re: A Good IOS or Xbox game for a non-gamer type

Eternity Warriors 3
You can play a monk or a warrior (or a mage when you completes the campaign once) and you have to clean dungeons. Some dungeons 'contain' mobs others contain a boss. You can also play pvp in a pvp area or clean dungeon floors.
I played this game for a long time, very good one imo.
Price: 0,00

Dark Meadow: The Pact
You wake up and are trapped in an old hospital. There's another man who talks with you and 'she' - who shoukd not be named - he calls her witch.
You have to find out what happened there and fight your way trough the hospital, a very exciting story with some unexpected turn-outs!
However, the fighting style is like in Infinity blade but without elemental damage or resistances so the fighting might annoys you after awhile.
Price: 0,00 for the free version (less premium currency rewards), 6$ for the full version. Your free version can be upgraded to full version at any time.

It's a 3d mmo like Celtic Heroes but the fighting style is different (no auto attack, different skill system) and there are more classes to play, you can also do things like crafting, In my opinion it's pretty hard to understand tough but once you got it it's pretty nice!
The asian look might bothers you tough.
Price: free

Clash of clans:
You have to build up your own village in the jungle with defences etc and attack other players or goblins to gain resources in order to upgrade your buildings.
A very good game but only for breaks between other games in my opinion (as it takes a while to train troops etc)
Price: free

Modern combat:
A fps (first person shooter) for your handheld device.
Awesome graphics easy-understandable and with many different oppurturnities to play.
Now, there is Modern combat 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
I suggest getting the 2. one if you like playing with weapon and grenades only and the 4. if you also like millitary support, clans and many many game modes.
I don't suggest getting the first third or fifth as they aren't worth it imo (I am one of those guys that sat in front of his device waiting for the fifth one for damn long, it dissappoointed me tough).

Price: 5$-6$ each
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Re: A Good IOS or Xbox game for a non-gamer type

Order and chaos online( huge mmorpg)

Avabel online(good graphics, but really hard to understand, and hard to contact and message people)

Clash of Clans ( its kind of like farm ville, but a lot less girly, and you can attack other people's towns :P )

Graal classic online ( pointless, but awesome pvp, you can work on your house, etc. Awesome game to relax in the holidays )

Too many games :P

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