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Re: How long it took??

Not sure but quite a while on first acc, my second acc got to 90 in nearly a month and stopped cus i quit the game, after i came back it took me 1-2 days for 106.

EDIT: That was on my ranger, up to 63 he didnt use gear from main or elixirs, between 63-90 i guess he used some (but i still lvled him easily unelixired, but that already was with gear from main).
On my rogue it took me few days with lux+elixirs.
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Re: How long it took??

Voldemort wrote:
Dex37 wrote:How long did it take for everyone to reach level 100?? I wanna find out if Imma make it quicker or slower than average

3 years :lol:

2 years...
I reached 80 in 2 years
Then like
A month later i lixed to 100 ._.
And I thought i was the slowest lvler...i nevar levlez

Re: How long it took??

Michael_XXX wrote:1.5-2years, back when I started mind you, 50 was an accomplishment :)

when i reached 50, i felt so powerful :lol:
when the noobs (although lvl 50 is now considered a noob) asked me for help, i was like //puffs out chest// yes, i shall help you lower level player.
and when i reached lvl 60 for warden. :lol:
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Re: How long it took??

WonderWaffl3 wrote:My first account on the server crom i got to 60 in a day no lixes or help from others.

This was my first account in months. And was at start of v3. Made new character and prob took me like 2 months to get 100?

60 in one day!! I got to about 6 on day one, 60 took (what seemed at the time) forever

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Re: How long it took??

2 years
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