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Strange things you do with your friends

Post some weird and funny stuff you do when your friends are over :D

One of mine is:
You know the new coke cans are labeled "soulmate, star, BFF, buddy, legend etc." well we always fight about who gets coke from the fridge so he can pick out a legend for no apparent reason... Haha
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Re: Strange things you do with your friends

WipeEmOutRav wrote:Nigging


jumping white people

smokin weed

drinking beer

doing stupid ****** ****
Dopeehead wrote:Taking a **** on peoples doorsteps, go to the movies without a date and leave with one, walk down the cinnamon roll isle at liquor stores very slowly until the cashier cusses you out in a language you can't understand. Normal stuff like that.
You two are examples of what's wrong with this world.

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