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Re: Last CH Giveaway

Awe :) wrote:You have 1007 subs atm. Close it please
it's closed

Acebow wrote:
DarKnight wrote:
Acebow wrote:Why do Celtic Heroes fans subscribe to a channel with only a few more videos of the game? Forcing subs

Not really, I'll still be doing MMO videos so. Yea. Anyway, competition is coming to a close I have reached 1000, and will draw soon, video up tomorrow.

Like I said, Celtic Heroes fans. Its really hard to commit to multiple mmos at once since they take so much time and patience. Thats why Im not sure many of the Celtic Heroes playerbase will continue to watch your videos.
Honestly I wouldn't really pay much attention to someone who hasn't even reached level 150 on here yet :P

Besides if that's your opinion then you must be a very boring person, I watch YouTube videos for game let's plays or WalkThrough reviews because I enjoy the way the content creator makes his videos, not just the game, aside from that who said I'll only be playing MMO's? Lol. "iOS Gaming" covers a very wide number of games, many of which aren't even MMO's so I'm still not understanding your logic.
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