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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

1) Your parents take this literally, place you into a catapult, and launch you into the ozone layer where you get burned to a crisp.
2) I wish for a dog.
My journey here at Celtic Heroes has been a long one. Although I am sad to leave, I will forever cherish the memories I made and the lesson I learned. Farewell.

July 17th, 2018
11:08 PM (UTC +8): Alator, Mage, 115
11:11 PM (UTC +8): Cantorix, Druid, 83

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Oberyn wrote:You failed to corrupt his wish. You really are an honest genie...


I wish to join the Justice League.

Granted but everyone leaves Justice Legue after you join.

I wish to get all the endgame gear for my rogue.
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PS: I like to think of myself as more of a strategist, but tactian works too.

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