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Avoiding the Naming and Shaming Rule

Firstly, I have to thank all those people who have obeyed the new forum rules so far. I know it's a bit of a change to get used to, but you've made it so much easier for us by adhering to the rules.

Now, to the main topic: the naming and shaming rule. I just want to explain how you can get around the naming and shaming rule, while helping the community (as some of you evidently want to do). The below method, in my opinion, will help far more people than by just naming scammers. So, let's start with a scenario and break that down.


A user was playing Celtic Heroes one day in the Otherworld. A scammer (Person X) offered Person Y to transfer their items from one account to another. Person Y trusted them, so gave Person X the items, only to find that Person X has kept the items for themselves, and logged off. Below are some options which Person Y could use to announce the scenario on the forums.

Option 1:
Person Y wrote:Person X scammed me off 100k and my lux items. Beware of Person X.

Option 2:
Person Y wrote:A user scammed me off 100k and my lux items. Beware of people offering to transfer items for you, when they will just take your stuff for themselves and log off. I can't get my stuff back now, so be patient with transfers and wait for someone you trust to log on to transfer. Alternatively, just wait for the mailbox to arrive. PM me if you want a name.

Option 1: Person Y will have their post edited, so no one will know who Person X is. The post now becomes useless, because no one really cares what was scammed, they just care about who did it so they can keep a lookout. Person Y will only end up with a warning and possibly a ban - that is no use to Person Y or anyone else whatsoever.

Option 2: Person Y is not breaking the rules. It also allows people to learn that there is someone who is going around offering transfers, and gives advice. It is far better for people to know the types of scams rather than the people who do it. Let's not forget that scamming techniques do not change as much as the scammers. If we keep a lookout for the type of scam, then you will avoid more scammers than if you just keep a lookout for specific people. Scammers are known for making multiple accounts so when you announce a username on the forums, the scammer can easily go off and make another account, unnoticed. There are more scammers than there are type of scam. Using Option 2 is a more sustainable, long-term method to avoid scamming.

Also notice that Person Y has also allowed users to PM them if they want a name. This is not against the rules. If you still want to know the name after they have given the type of scam, you can just drop them a PM and you'll get the name. Simple.

If you get scammed, or know of someone who has:
  1. Report the scammer using the in-game support tool. While Support may take some time to deal with it, but using Option 2 on the forums can help decrease the scammer's effect. No screenshots are required, as Support can see the chat logs. Just be specific - what time and date did it happen? Which user?
  2. Stick to the forum rules
  3. Don't try to start an argument within your topics
  4. Raging doesn't help. Stay calm - being angry won't help the situation

One of the issues that we must face in this game and all other games are those people that have nothing better to do than to scam. OTM are trying to develop new ways to prevent this, but in the meantime, we must work together to prevent any further issues. There's no use posting scammers' names, because it will simply be edited, so don't do it. There are always ways around things, you just need to use your initiative.

Scamming Tips:
Teaweasel posted a great topic a while back about preventing scams, so have a read and take it into account. It's not a definitive guide and won't eradicate scamming altogether, but it helps.
http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/view ... 37&p=55431

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Re: Avoiding the Naming and Shaming

Correct some ppl MIT find it dumm dat deleting the names of the scammer is a way of covering them up
But if they don't do anything about it this person would be harrase constantly

N sorry if some of my words r spelled wrong my English isn't dat good
Don't be a hater be a Winner :p

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