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Re: What are you doing RIGHT NOW?

xMaori_RESPECT wrote:Infinity whats ur fantasy? Lmao

Idk I never really thought about this... Although I do love to do it in crazy places..
So far this week I have done it in a hot tub about 20 feet away from people playing volleyball, they would stare at us sometimes so we would have to stop for a sec till they looked away.. Haha..
Oh and then the church parking lot. That was fun also.

I have gotten a hand job in the stands at a spurs game once.. Haha
Did it at school before.
I'll have to think of all the places I've done it..
Oh yeah.. A park bench... With a super super hot black girl... Omg she was so hot.

Lol I hope this topic doesn't get locked lmao..

Oh wait.. I have a fantasy..
I want to deliver somethin to a mansion and have a super hot milf seduce me.
After all.. I'm still only 20

Re: What are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Infinity wrote:
MikeShot2 wrote:
Infinity wrote:Doing laundry, waiting for my family to come in, and thinking about Lauren :)

Didn't you have another girlfriend Amanda or something? Your cheating! lol

Holy unfathomable! How do you remember Amanda!?!?! I barely do... Omg I miss that chocolate eclair...
Gahh.. Amanda was so hot and she was a goddess in bed...
Her ass and boobs where amazing!.. F u mike! Makin me think of amanda again! Hahaha...

No I am dating this chick named Abby.. Who isn't that hot.. :( and she has no boobs.. But she like to fk allot and some how we allllllwayys cum at the same time...

I was talking to Lauren... Cuz she was a 10.. But apparently I'm " not her type " but she tells all her friends that I'm " awesome and totally cool " ..... So I don't really understand her...

But I also have this chick named Jess on the back burner who wants the D...
And then I gave up on a few other chicks.. It was getting annoying juggling 8 chicks..
I hadn't talked to Serena lately.. But I saw her the other day in the elivator and it reminded me how much I wanted to do her... So I'm kinda talking to her again... But for now...I'm kinda waiting on Abby to call me so I can meet her at my house ;)

Between me and everyone on this forum... I think I might have gotten Abby pregnant...I'm actually kinda really nervous about that unfathomable

Thanks for sharing that...
I approve this message.

Re: What are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Infinity wrote:
xMaori_RESPECT wrote:My friends fantasy is a girl rubbing their tits on his *** :D :D

Lol try not to be so vulgar. Hahaha Idc personally but you might get a warning from ds or xell.

And yeah I like it when that happends... This one chick Amanda would do that allot.


Once AlbinoWolf from Belenus. >..<



Re: What are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Community wrote:Can we please try and keep this topic family friendly?

I don't mind people talking about what they've been up to, but we have to ensure that these forums are safe and friendly for everyone to visit. Which means taking into consideration that children will visit and read these forums.

Thank you :)

Lol... I'm totally sorry... Hahaha... Yo give me a moderator acc and I'll keep the streets clean.
I am carefull in most of my posts not to cuss or anything like that. But I'm aloud to talk about sex right? Hahaha

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