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A huge problem :(

Hey all its thekisser from belenus, i have a problem cause my sister wanted to start playing and i gave her all my druid armour :/ and idk what happened but she deleted the game and forgot her password and i really want my stuff back :(
All i rememeber its that her user name was something with like 6 letters that the first 3 are noa i cant remember the rest and i really need help.

Re: A huge problem :(

Pliz help me i really want my stuff back :(
I know everything that there is over there:
First her druid name is HealthyLife
She have energy amault revej and a totem (the cheapest one) silverleaf skirt, snowman had, ancient skirt and bp and shes in lirs reach.

Re: A huge problem :(

first blackmamba, ik him in real life and ik thats true, he just has stupid sister (believe me:D)
anyway i helped her lvling with my druid too so i remember most of her stuff too
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