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Re: How did you find it? (lamest topic of brianx)

I did like it more than I do now O_O.

Something about the game recently is making me not want to play :/ I played yesterday for about 10 mins and 2 days ago for about 15 mins... That's twice I was on it in 2 weeks :(

Usually, i'll be on it pretty much all day. I actually started to spend more time on the forums than actually playing lol
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Re: How did you find it? (lamest topic of brianx)

I used to always look through the app store, looking for the one app I could play over and over.
As usual, I looked around in top charts... Nothing.
Looked around in top grossing.... Here's a new one, a 3D MMO! I'll download it, see how it goes...
And yeah :P

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Re: How did you find it? (lamest topic of brianx)

Well... heres my story:

I was bored. I really liked playing KotoR in the past. Fun game. I was looking for something similar. Some RPG or MMORPG. I tried WoW but didn't get into at the time. IDK, it just confused me. xD Yeah, I'm a noob... what can I say.

Anyways, then I got the idea to look on iPhone for MMORPGs. Or any RPG for that matter. Just something fun to play. OaC was too expensive for me at the time. SevenSwords looked awkward. And so I downloaded Celtic Heroes and got hooked from day 1 (was around September during Update 1). I met a cool guy who would help me around. I was mainly focused on quests back then and he'd kill those stupid dogs while I was looking for my herbs. (Think that quest got removed in Update 3) :D Hahah.

Then I met Raven, who invited me into his clan. Thats where I met a ton of different players really, which was the reason I stayed in the game for so long. :)
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