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Re: Gelebron Wand?

bob the mage wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
bob the mage wrote:Basically this.
Rangers get way more out of hotswapping braces because of how few skills they spam for DPS, same for wars due to CD times. Whiles CDR gear has the biggest impact on DPS for mages, CD swapping can have the biggest negative impact on DPS as well as the biggest positive impact. The issue is the chance for DPS reduction usually outweighs any gained benefit which is why most EG mages that have truly tested it out and counted total DPS over a time range report getting much lower DPS when they CD swap verse keeping 2 CDR braces.
Also not to mention most mage braces are garbage except for CDR ones, so it’s not like there is some super OP gain unlike a ranger hotswapping off an op af brace to get in 2 doubles during quiv skill.

THe mage I had used void fab skull, royal firestorm CD brace and then a fb MORD brace and I would CD swap ice shards. I would only do the swaps for shards recast when I didn’t have a FB or firestorm ready so really it was only a dps gain

When I played my old fire mage I never really had a moment to do a swap like that since I ran incinerate utilized my void wand skill, edl grim, Mount skill, and dragon on top of shards, storm, and bolt, not to mention lure and attune plus I was usually dual or trilogged on top of that :lol:

To each their own, but for EG DPS fire mages CD swapping can hurt quickly as with running 4 base damage skills plus 4+ extra skills from add ons and then buffs and lures it gets to be a bit much and can lead to heavy overlap and a DPS loss to main fire skills. With how fast fire skills CD every second is a higher share of damage compared to a second of one for an ice mage and thus overlap due to excessive swapping will effect fire mages far more than ice mages.

I never lured. As i said, It would only be used when nothing else is ready so it was only a dps gain
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