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Sigils. For mages

Just had a question for all u mages lol was wondering how many sigils do i need at endgame right now im only lvl 11 but planning on spending 20 dollars for plat every week to buy energy sigils also was wondering if health sigils are important for mages
Ps: im a fire mage if that information is needed thank you all for taking time to read this

Re: Sigils. For mages

Energy sigils are more important then health sigils, but its still nice to have both.

Endgame, I'd say about 1000 is decent(more if you wanna regen during a boss), unless you are a hybrid.

Personally, I'd rather just buy energy lix, with how the prices and availability of sigils are on my world. Better then spending millions for out of combat regen, in my eyes.

And if you wanna save loads of cash, use energy boost, its a skill that regens energy while in combat. Energy shield can also be used to save hp, reducing the need for regen. You will be using skill points that could be spent elsewhere to do so, so you would have to decide if that's worth it for you.
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Re: Sigils. For mages

Well said, for early game sigils are not really needed you will be fine on just an e lix. When you begin transitioning into endgame bossing if that is your play style, I would definitely recommend getting a few thousand. At bosses your options are to either spam restos or take a step back for a few to let your sigs tic. Right now energy regen is a huge problem for any endgame caster and something I honestly dont see otm addressing in the near future (literally all it would take is slightly lowering lvl 50 skill energy costs)
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Re: Sigils. For mages

I have a tad over 5k e sigs and around 1.5k hp sigs and it works wel:
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Re: Sigils. For mages

Like 1.2 on hp and 2.7 on energy, without maxing energy boost (10-15 points) and stacked with energy boost at all times my energy was stable and when I thought it started to go down I'd let sigils pop in (once or twice per lix)

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