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Endgame Magesssss

This forum has been pretty dead lately haha anywaaays heres the deal. Im in the process of finishing my mage dps calculator and I need some help from other endgame mages to make it as accurate as possible. The more people I get willing to run a few short tests for me, the better I can make it and the more helpful it will be to those who wish to maximize their dps potential.

What i need is an estimated casts per 5 min for different CD combinations. basically record yourself casting on a mob for 5 min (Pet quest mobs in lirs are perfect because they dont take damage)
Then count the number casts for each skill and send me the results :D

If anyone is willing to help me test or has any questions plz pm me, i plan to release calculator in the next couple days and an ice mage guide if anyone would be interested tyy

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Re: Endgame Magesssss

(This is kinda off topic, but I've just wanted to share this for a while :D)

krummy9552 wrote:...Pet quest mobs in lirs are perfect because they dont take damage...

I think they do, it's just a prohibitively large amount of hp...

Good luck with your calculator (I genuinely love to hear about people who do this leg work :)).

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