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Best setup for lure monkey

Hi, Once my main is 220 I was thinking of creating. a mage that is useful at bosses since my clan lacks mages who only lure or have too keep alting and was curious what gear and items I’d need to buy/earn be a good lure monkey for my clan at edl and eg bosses. Do I max all lure skills? Or only some skills needed to be maxed? And what other skills would be useful?

Re: Best setup for lure monkey

All you need is fire and assassins primarily, going full lure mage is actually useless unless you're attending proteus every day. In that case you need ice fire magic maxed.

If no one else is skilling max assassins in your clan, find a new clan honestly.

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Re: Best setup for lure monkey

For lures... uhh

Fire and assassin lures are the most important ones(ranger/rogue some offhands some weps and fire mages, and daggers bows and spears)

Slash and Ice is alright(gele axes frostiron axes etc and swords, and ice mages and some offhands/mains)

Crush and magic are the worst but hey if you have the points(hammers, druid magic(not swarm) some offhands/mains)

So focus on maxing out the top 4, and I guess if you have bonus points go for the last ones. Make sure you max out fire and ice magic for bonus points and accuracy. Wear focus/magic granting gear for more power.

About all there is to it.

Do keep in mind though, lures help your enemies just as much as you.
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