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Re: Shouldn't lures have a faster cooldown?

limon verde wrote:
Aspire wrote:Back to the topic of lures. The cooldown isn't outrageous and gets less important at endgame. Naturally, if you are leveling with another person or 2 the mobs will die faster than the lure cooldown period...but that's not horrible considering you are killing faster. Finding a nice routine is the best strategy. Maximize those lixes :)

Actually I'm not really killing faster since even if my lure doesn't get evaded I still waste time casting it, while a rogue or a melee class in general would have already gotten a lot of damage in.

I do agree about lures needing to be instant cast: it is true that at the end of the day, levelling is a temporary thing and what matters the most is end game. Of course I'd still like the cooldown to be a bit reduced, but good idea about making lures instacast and keeping the cooldown as it is, but reducing the evasions on levelling mobs.

Corrupt sounds a lot like a rogue or at least a class that is not mage - why are you here?

I believe he is an icemage.
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