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New Mage Help

Hello to my fellow mages,
My name is Strato and I have just begun my game journey as a mage. I want to know what skills should I use to level up, what stats are good (I currently do 3:2 focus:vitality) and what equipment to get. All help appreciated. Thanks to all contributors!

Re: New Mage Help

The big question is if you want to be fire or ice.

Now I'm going to say fire is better, because the last buff to happen favored fire. But there's still reason to be ice in some situations.

Id suggest to be what there is less of in your server(for better gear chances), if it's about the same I'd pick fire. But it's not my choice, it is your decision.

Onto fire/ice

For fire you want to use firebolt, firestorm, fire attune, fire lure. As a general rule of thumb keep fire lure at half max at all times.

Ice should use ice shards, ice blast, ice attune, and ice lure. Same lure principle here.

Here's the pros of each.

-more dps
-better for bossing

-more damage per hit
-ice blast has a 33% bigger aoe range
-better for pvp

Extra notes:

-Both have arguments for being good at leveling. Fire may be faster casting/cooldown, but if you can kill the enemy in less hits ice may be faster.

-Ice uses more energy per cast but you'll be casting more as fire. So I'm not sure which has more energy demand. I think fire but I didn't list it because I'm not 100% sure.

-People will argue ice isn't good because if you miss you die. Sure misses mean more as ice, but that also means not missing means more too. Fire can miss too, so there's no issue here. Just a note.

For stats:
3/2 ratio is a pretty good one to start out with. Focus and vit are the only things you'll need as a mage. But ideally you want to minimize vit as much as possible(while still being able to survive, so the number may vary) and make focus as high as possible. Why? Because mages have weak armor anyway so you should play to the classes strength. Use only as much health as you need, anymore is a waste of damage. Damage can also save health too, by ending the fight faster, as an additional note.

Onto equipment:
Anything with focus, ice/fire magic(whatever you are) or skill+ should be on your mind as a mage(whatever gives more dmg, or if the magic is good enough(adds chance to hit)). Survivabilty is always an issue as a mage, so just aim for damage out of your gear.

Only use defense if:

-It is an extremely good boost and worth it(bear helms, freeze staff etc)

-If you can rebirth points. An example, say you have 210 vit and 800 focus in your stats. You have 2 items that go on the same slot, one that adds 75 focus and one that adds 100 vit. WEAR THE VIT ONE. Because you can respec your stats and take 100 vit out and put it in focus, effectively making the item 100 focus. You cannot do this if you are full focus though.

-If there is nothing else

That should answer your questions, but if you are still wondering about anything feel free to ask.
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