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Beta testers or admin, help us out!!!

A beta tester, Plz answer this!!

1.Which skill (s) are quest skills?

__Lure of Magic
__Lure of Assassins
__Lure of Soldiers
__Lure of Giants
__Icicle Freeze

2. What is the lvl restriction for the quests?

3. Where do u do the quests? (what area; Lir's Reach, Shalmont, Stonevale, Otherworld, etc.)

4. What lvled players would be able to complete these quests?

Plz reply ASAP!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
World: Mabon
Clan: Masmar/ Elite
-Rogue: Lvl 150+
-Mage: Lvl 137+
-Warrior: Lvl 125+
-Druid: Lvl 100+

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