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Re: What are the best stats for mages to focus on?

STR does help but it increases the damage you do by a percentage. I think 100 STR is +50% so unless your wand does a lot of damage (not) it is a waste of points.

DEX the new update makes dex much more important. It arguably has been an almost useless stat up to now. But still for a mage you only need enough to help prevent interruptions while casting.

Vitality is critical, your armor stinks so you need all the HP you can get if you plan on soloing.

Focus is not that important if you have good energy regen lux items. it helps to have a pool that your lux items will regenerate. However the update will factor in your focus to the effectivity of your skills kind of like adding your focus to your ability level so it will become more important. How important will be seen soon.
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