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My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

Sup guys i have been playing Celtic Heroes Since Yule 2011 and i have been playing every class about the same and here is my personal opinion on fire/ice mages. Ice mages can deal large amounts of damage but have a longer reload time and ice magic skills use more energy than fire magic skills. Fire Mages can do lower amount of damage but they have a away higher DPS. My suggestion is Be a hybrid 1-40. Then lvl 40 choose an element. If you weren't smart and put all your points into focus and vitality then i suggest fire because it takes less energy and can kill enemies faster. If you invested in focus and Vitality then u may try out ice mages but may find it more difficult to kill enemies. Hope i helped
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

Depends on your skills e'sheld will wipe a lot of energy being an ice skill the issue with fire is there's no real cd in a fight so you use up energy faster than ice. But regardless your fire will cause more damage in the long run.
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

It is completely gear related from 110 onwards.

Personally I was ice from 110-150 due my rings, bracelets and amulets all being ice related with next to no decent fire rings or jewellery. At 150 I had 49/35 ice blast which allowed me to take on 2 mobs at once due to aoe.

At no gear fire is better, by far (unless you are high level with many spare stat points)

You must first assess your gear before making an opinion on if ice or fire is more beneficial to you. As I mentioned, fire is better than ice if gear is not considered whatsoever in the calculations.
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

Im a 182 Ice Mage, my skills that are maxed at 50 are- ice shards, ice blast, e shield, and my freeze is at 44, lure at 27, frostbite at 23. I can freeze up to level 230, and with this skills beat many 200+ even 230s. Using freeze as a main skill is great for pvp AND lixing, that way when a mob spawns you can just freeze and not worry. To do this you have to have really good gear.
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

I think both have their uses based on situational needs. A 16k iceblast hit followed by 11k shards is great for EDL lock battles as those are won by burst damage. Over the long haul, fire has about a 1% DPS advantage assuming gear and other things are equal (which they rarely are). It's almost like comparing apples and oranges. Most world boss kills on our server are won by ice mages but that's likely due to better gear rather than any inherent superiority over fire. I think both classes are excellent and either is a good choice based on how you personally prefer to play the game.
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

Huh? 1%...I'd like to see the calculations you did to come to this conclusion lmao. Several people have done tests before and concluded with equal gear fire is something like 20-50% better (don't remember exact number) and surpasses ice in damage dealt after like 20 seconds. What do you mean by "world boss"? I'm sure that doesn't include 210 event, 195, 200, necro, or mord. So basically just 205/210 which are obviously ice mage kills due to the minimal ice resist
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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

20 to 50%? Not even close. In 25 Necro kills we have never had a fire mage get the kill...not even once. As far as pvp goes, let a 15k blast come down on top of you for 7.5k then a 10k shards for 5K and it will all become clear. 50% is a joke when ice does twice the damage then you have bolt thrown in too? That's essentially claiming that firestorm does almost as much damage as shards and blast combined despite the fact that both spells do considerably more damage than storm. When you can show me consistent fire magic hits over 10k then you might convince me. OTM would never, in a million years, allow a 50% disparity between two mage classes. 1000 confrontational forum posts just makes you a troll, not a mage expert and certainly not a math expert. When you can solo an ice mage to lvl 200 in under a month then I'll start listening to your opinion. I'm far too busy killing unfathomable to accrue 1000 posts. Perhaps if you did more killing and less posting you would be in Arcane by now killing ring bosses, proteus, or even gelebron?

In truth, an accurate dps calculation is simply not possible due to evades and the wide range of damage thrown out by spells. Even when geared to do 16.3k iceblast hits, I sometimes get a 9k thrown in there. You never know what a spell is going to do until it lands. Also, you will never get two identically geared mages on one server. The only ones that might be capable of giving semi-accurate numbers are OTM. If you were worth anything as a mage, in a necro battle, you wouldn't be casting on necro, you'd be controlling ghosts.
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