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Freeze Spell Questions

From my understanding, freeze will last 5 seconds on a target or until the target receives damage.

Will my sigils work while the target is frozen?

Is the freeze spell more useful in a PvP/solo type situation or can it also be appropriate in a group PvE batle as well?
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Re: Freeze Spell Questions

I dont see Freeze as useful in a PvE situation except in terms of saving Druids from Adds, freezing them and letting DPS then pick them up. It's useful solo, and useful in PvP it's definately useful in a few solo boss fights.

I am not sure about sigils, I never have used the 5 sec to just stand there motionless. Usually you are reluring or re energy shield'ing it's not really a spell to cast and then do nothing, it gives you a few seconds to use not waste. I heard that MadOnion's Mage has like 500 sigils and was planning to freeze a boss regain his health and then freeze again rinse repeat to solo down hard bosses, I'm guessing he found that sigils do then work during the interim of the freezes. That said, freeze can be shrugged off like any spell, so it's not a certainty by any means.

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