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Re: Can you level as an ice mage?

Sticking to one element is usually better so your noy crazy!

Fire is usually better for leveling because it has faster cooldowns, which means if you kill fast enough you don't have to wait on cooldowns.

Ice is good burst damage, in my opinion as long as you can kill the mobs within 2-3 hits ice can be profitable.


Misread your post. It's odd that a hybrid build works well for you so you are crazy!! Jk

What level is your mage atm.

Re: Can you level as an ice mage?

^I would not recommend.

Hybrid becomes great at high lvl as BlackMamba said, as u have many skill pts and having a secondary element can really come in handy.
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Re: Can you level as an ice mage?

Here's the thing: firebolt is the best mage dps skill. Iceshards is second. Firestorm is third. Iceblast, possible incin 4th (haven't bothered using either). So why would you handicap yourself by using fb fs incin or shards blast frostbite, when you could just do firebolt shards firestorm? Especially because after you get the direct dmg skills the attune is no longer a factor since it doesn't boost dots.

I max firebolt shards and firestorm and it works great. I am no longer useless at 205/210 edls (can boost shards to 9.3k ish without attunes using slightly different gear from normal build), and overall am much better dps on event bosses and leveling (don't think I've lost kill on a 6* event boss after turning 205, despite much worse gear than some clannies)
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