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Re: Alchemical vs. Dragonlord

Personally I would stick with dl, I've seen some mages use the achemical armor under the arguement they can easily max skills point wise and the extra dmg is good vs the skill boost. However there are ther factors, dragonlord has fire and ice magic, which add dmg to all fire/ice skills not just one, and also increases your chance to hit. And overall dragonlord increases survivabilty, after all what good is your massive dmg if you dead all the time?
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Re: Alchemical vs. Dragonlord

Occult > EDL > Alchemical > DL

2 pieces give fire mage bonuses, 2 pieces give ice mage bonuses, and the chest piece gives bonuses to both. So you will have 2 pieces that are still DL/EDL for the fire/ice magic bonuses.

I use hrung helm which makes EDL/DL bonuses useless.

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