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Which class to choose??

Hi, I have been playing this game since maybe around last November I think? And I been on and off. I still haven't decided which class to choose? I'm posting this on all classes, except warriors, so please convince me!! Right now I'm deciding between a mage, a druid, and maybe a ranger or rogue. IDK! :o I am kinda of impatient about the lvling up.... I'm able to play maybe 2-4 hours, almost everyday. And I want a class that will is needed.

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World: Gwydion
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Re: Which class to choose??

I think that rogues are currently the most useful class right now.First of you wont get ksed as easily as mage or druid would 2nd rogues are the class that deals the most dmg as of right now.But its up to you wich class to pick.
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