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Uses of freeze?


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Re: Uses of freeze?

Soloing killian and not relying on help, interrupts, holding priestess, tactically killing dl bosses with very few people.
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Re: Uses of freeze?

It is a bit more valuable all around if you have a significant amount of sigils, and the 2 sec cast time makes interrupting most boss skills very difficult. If we didnt need freezes for the priestess to kill mordy, I would not be using it.
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Re: Uses of freeze?

Useful for sigils, pvp, interrupting skills on main bosses (such as mordy's priestess), killain since mages die.

Its mainly for soloing, if u got sigils, u can freeze a mob while lvling and regen, its also great for pvp (also with sigils), works the same for killain, and its kinda effective to interrupt skills on bosses, ofc it breaks in less than a sec since ppl will keep hitting, but it does interrupt.
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Re: Uses of freeze?

Like SmartOne said, only reason i use is for Priestess.. Such a waste of skill points. I have a +6, +5, +4 and +3 ring of freeze which I swap in during Priestess to save me 18 skill points.

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Re: Uses of freeze?

Enchantress42 wrote:I cast it after I cast my ice shards and ice blast so that I dont take dmg while my skills are on cooldown

Yeah but it takes forever to kill a mob like that :) i tried .
Hope u dont lix with that build, i tried even with frostbite and it wasnt incredible .
Moreover my energy was going down like crazy

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Re: Uses of freeze?

Ppl would use freeze if it wasnt interrupted by dmg, because atm its so useless at bossfight exept for priest
Imo this skill should be :
~3s of freeze not breakable by dmg then
~7s of freeze breakable by dmg
So we would start to see a bit of variety in the game play lol

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Re: Uses of freeze?

Enchantress42 wrote:I cast it after I cast my ice shards and ice blast so that I dont take dmg while my skills are on cooldown


I do too. Can 3-7 hit most mobs 13-15 levels above without lix. (Level 77)
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