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Re: mages on update 3

Glad to hear about new skill slots. Will the amount of skill points we have stay the same?
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Re: mages on update 3

admin wrote:Hi there, so far we are looking at skills like:

Area effect damage (all enemies near the target will also get damaged)
Large single energy attack (burn energy in exchange for damage)
Sacrifice health for energy (can gift energy to others with this also)
Lure of magic

and some other stuff - if there's anything in particular you want let me know.

Nice skills up there Admin, if you want more ideas go on the Mage forum area and look at my ideas,

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Re: mages on update 3

Aengus wrote:Although I think a ressurect skill could be useful, I think it should be a Druid skill. It just seems to fit better with the healing line of skills.

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Re: mages on update 3

Yay more skill slots!!
Yes faster caster gloves...or a wand that packs a punch so that the speed gloves help more. pls pls pls

As someone who named herself after a rather fierce, dark, Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation who chased down and slaughtered those who wronged her....
I LOVE the dark thing, Mars. Fits game, myths, class

Like the idea of shapeshifting (I know that is a druid thing in other games, but enchanters should be able to do it)
Like the idea of a summoning spell -- summon an otherworldly creature and force them to fight on your side against boss -- would have to have a big cost to it, I think

Maybe a bloodlust spell -- cast on dmg doers and increases their damage or a corresponding lure -- generally weakens enemy to physical attack

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Re: mages on update 3

SpiritHealer wrote:When will our animations for spells be improved? I have to agree that it update two was a big step forward from update one, but animation still need A LOT of work will they be improved for update 3? Or 4?

Hi there, yes the spell effects should be better in the update, I posted up a video of the update 3 lir's reach which has an updated firebolt animation, was that better?


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