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Re: Best Mage Set

Head- Celestial Cowl
Chest- Celestial Gown
Legs- Celestial Skirt
Hands- Celestial Gloves
Feet- Celestial Shoes
Main Hand- Meteoric Wand
Offhand- Golden Focus of Rejuvenation
World: Mabon
Clan: Masmar/ Elite
-Rogue: Lvl 150+
-Mage: Lvl 137+
-Warrior: Lvl 125+
-Druid: Lvl 100+

Re: Best Mage Set

Bodkin of spirits is for rouges and warriors.
If you want a good Mage you need defense because most fights you are in mobs will hit you for melee dmg or ranged dmg and the best set for mages currently is celestial robes and they have terrible defense bonuses for meteoric level items
Your best bet is to get mighty crown shield of spirits, heroic boots and gloves(eclipse celestial in defense and bonuses)the of course your warden items on your head,torso and legs I wouldn't waste your money on ancient because it's just about same price to get most of the warden items and lvl 50 doesn't take long to get find you some cheap woven sorcerous items and you will be fine until u get warden upgrades.

And believe me I own a set of celestial so when I say defense is no good I'm not lying to you.

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