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Re: Should i spend 100 Dollars on a Mage???

Nay, make a rouge and spend the money there.

Especially since its 100% guaranteed OTM will patch em along with update
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Re: Should i spend 100 Dollars on a Mage???

If you are going to make a mage you will probably want some plat. Only you can decide what it best for you. To some people $10 is more then the game is worth.

If you do spend the cash on plat I recommend going all backpack space and sigils. You can level from one to ninty on sigils in your starter gear. Then buy diamond armor.

With 4000 plat I would consider 300 energy and 100 heath sigils. max eshield or find a druid friend and grind away.
Don't buy quest items or worry about warden armor till your past lvl 100. The daily quest armor might work for you in stonevale.
Touch (Druid) 150
Spitfire (Mage) 160

Re: Should i spend 100 Dollars on a Mage???

The Halloween event had armor suitable for mages or druids. There are quests in all the areas but they require groups to kill.

I don't really think you need anything other then sigils at least at the start. You should be able to kill mobs pretty easy with an energy shield up.
Max firebolt iceshard and firecloak. eventually get fire lure to 10.

a lot of people do it different ways thats the fun part about mages. You can do a lot of different things.
Touch (Druid) 150
Spitfire (Mage) 160

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