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Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

SpiritHealer wrote:
jamesmaawesome wrote:I can solo it. I have Lure of Ice, Lure of Fire, Fire Bolt, Ice Shards, and Cloak of Fire maxed. Energy boost i have halfway through. Here, if you have trouble killing it, here's a video of some mage soloing it.


hehe that mage is me :)

Cool, that mage is epic...
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Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

Solo'ing donn has been a struggle for many mages and the reason is because donn hits fairly fast and weak but eventually it gets you. Killing donn is hard for mages as we hit low. And slow. You would need a shield or sled and a fair amount of wardens. It's hard but it can be done, and after the update it will be a breeze even without using freeze because of increased ability max and new skills. I've tried many times but end up dying so eventually I get a friend to help, or use a few pots.
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Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

Jamesmaawesome, everybody knows that you are a fraud. Appbee is SpiritHealer. Last week you signature was a random made up name that was level 101, and now its illogic, and I am absolutely sure that you aren't him. Not everybody appreciates liars who take other people's credit. :x

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