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Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

Kosher sounds like a broken record but he has a good point.

Currently on my Mage, I can solo everything in the game except Incarnation, Syrus, Malurna, and Avatar. Before I reset my stats to include dex, I had trouble with Fireknights and Kiara. Now it's a cake walk.

My basic strategy for Fireknights is to use Lure of Ice (lvl 10) as they are walking away from me and quickly queue up Ice Shards (lvl 10). With 580 Ice ability (almost lvl 59) I can usually take them out in 1 to 2 shots. That's where dexterity comes in, it gives me a chance to cast Shards a second time while under attack. Oh, and don't forget to wear a Greater Charstone Ring to reduce the damage from Fireknights by about half.

For Kiara I use Cloak of Fire then lead with Lure of Fire and spam Firebolt (all lvl 10). Dex really helps on this fight since it gives me a chance to cast Lure again midway through the solo. Also, I dodge so many hits that my health stays above Kiara's the entire fight. Usually I have about 1/4 to 1/5 hp left after the solo.

I know you guys think dex is useless, but don't knock it til you rock it. ;)

Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

I'm not 100% on this but I think I have around 65 or 70 dex and I'll be pumping more points into it just as soon as I level. If I were to reset my stats again I would pull points out of focus and put them into dex since Energy Well supplies plenty of energy.

When I solo I use my old pre-update Embossed Plate, Helm of the Wanderer (better defense than Gold Eagle Helm) and a pre-update Reinforced Tower Shield. Before you criticize me for using old plate, just remember the new Mage armor will likely have much better stats than the old plate (check out the Golden Shield of Valor in the Beta Pictures topic).

Small note: For group boss fights I stick with Woven Sorcerer gear for the extra energy (I spam both Lures and Firebolt/Ice Shards constantly).

Re: Soloing Avatar of Donn

i dont think i can solo and i have best offhand mage rejuuv and heroic ammy rejuv the problem to me isint the enrgy but the resist we have mages take too much damage and when lure expires i cant even cast because i keep getting inturupted im suggesting for lure to be made instant or at least not inturaptable because without lure fire and ice suck... and i think we should take less damage. and im a level 88 mage...feel like a noob
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