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The ice mage

I have a question. Right now, I play a vitality high mostly fire mage.
I am lucky to have oldschool pre-update armor. But I have been reading
That this build may not work well after the upcoming update. Since
The mobs are so tough.

So, it is suggested that one becomes an ice mage, heavy on focus.
I get all that. But do you, at that point, now need a high dex? Or
Is one susposed to gear up in high defence gear? Light gear for more
Energy? So energy shield will work well? And, if so, will this gear
Be uber pricy?

I believe all this is required so ice shards wont be interupted, right?
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Re: The ice mage

The interrupt rates vary from skill to skill, and they are likely going to make ice shard less likely to interrupt in next update. High dexterity will help your char dodge attacks though, which will also reduce interrupts and save energy (especially if you use the energy shield). Beyond this I doubt there is much advice to be had beyond what has already been posted...

Any advice given to you would be pure speculation. After the update, everyone is going to have to figure out the best tactics, skill allotments, and stat builds for the new areas - the update has been pushed back so much that it is hard to determine what we will be up against when it arrives...

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