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Re: which type of mage is officially better?!

I have the old plate, but my stats are more well rounded compared to either of the mage builds mentioned. If you want ANY character who can solo bosses (with the exception of Ducarius), be prepared to spend money on platinum and purchase a lot of potions...

As for Disciple Ducarius, he is a weakling anyway, but he is particularly susceptible to the cloak of fire/lure of fire combo... i can usually kill him in about 3 seconds... (i think this is a bug since he takes, on average, 5000 points of damage when he hits my cloak whereas my firebolt does around 200)

Most mobs are also susceptible to the aforementioned combo but not to that extent. The exception to this are the fire mobs, who are immune. It is great because these skills are relatively low cost, low interrupt, and they recharge fast. It allows your mage to start taking on higher level mobs to level up, once you reach level 30 or so. Now, I use it to help my clanmates level (since I get very little experience anyway, or none at all). It is a great buff to cast on others, and they really appreciate the help.

I haven't really played with the ice magic much. But I do use energy well and energy boost quite frequently (my ice magic is almost 400 now, and I have hardly ever used ice shards, or the other ice magic).

Re: which type of mage is officially better?!

I am actually upsetting some other players in our small world, since I recently discovered the amazing affects of the fire lure. They are saying that this deals out too much damage. And maybe it does. I remember, pre-update, that rogues used to own the game with their sneak attack. Now it seems that mages might be unbalanced.

This may be an unpopular post in a Mage forum, but oh well.
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Togarth Lvl 150 Mage World Sulis General of Clan Retribution 3rd Place in Marshall's Crystal Armor Event (ChuckNorris)

Re: which type of mage is officially better?!

The Ducarius bug has been fixed, so you can't solo him in under 10 seconds anymore...

I played for about a month before the update which nerfed the rogues (which we are currently playing), but Epona server was small then so I didn't really see many rogues in action. Apparently though, sneak attack was far more powerful than the lure/bolt combo (1000 point hits were common), and rogues deal high damage per second with their dual weapons and high attack speed.

Now, mages have a high-power combo (lure/bolt) and the hard hitting but slow-to-cast ice shards (also expensive to cast), as well they should! However, even still I can't hit in the 1000 range (excluding the now-fixed the ducarius bug of course!). Sure I can often one-shot guard errants, but they don't give me any exp (haven't for a while) and they are 20 levels below me. Also the lure of fire has to be cast on each enemy you wish to strike with 'the combo', whereas sneak attack was one-tap = mega damage (which lead to a lot of kill stealing I hear).

Mages are not imbalanced in my opinion - in every RPG I have ever played their spells are (generally) the best damage dealers and don't see why this would be any different. Don't forget that we only get crappy wands and light armor (unless you have to have the old plate) to compensate for the rain of pain we can bring down on baddies.

If you want people on your server to stop complaining about your awesomeness on the field of battle, try casting cloak of fire on them, then lure of fire on an enemy that is attacking them - casting energy well and energy boost is also a nice touch! With these four spells mages can be a great support class that can save any party from impending doom... I have helped many a player on my server level up by doing this, and I now have people begging me to buff them wherever I go!

Re: which type of mage is officially better?!

Thanks for the response. I have just recently discovered the shere awesomeness of
Lure of fire. So my world is getting a taste of the true power of mages. And yes i have
Semi-power leveled people recently with cloak and Its just that I how
Our world was 90% rogue. And I could see the imbalance there.
Feeling a bit guilty for being able to deal that kinda damage again.

Now I am going to rebuild again after the upcoming update to a more
Ice reliant mage. I cannot wait to see how my ice shards will do when
Used with ice lure. Then my friends in Sulis will really be talking about
Class bslance!
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Togarth Lvl 150 Mage World Sulis General of Clan Retribution 3rd Place in Marshall's Crystal Armor Event (ChuckNorris)

Re: which type of mage is officially better?!

Support Mage depends on which skills you have upgraded. Any fire Mage can do double duty with cloak and lure, if you have high bandage and first aid you can use that. The most useful support skill for mages is the energy boost which regens mana during combat. If you do energy boost instead of meditate, any fire Mage can be really helpful in both roles (though ice magic is the energy boost skill, which would need to be raised up a bunch). Also energy shield can be used as a support skill in a tight spot, though it won't last on warriors all that long.

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