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Being a Mage is Hard

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:38 pm
by Athos
I don't know guys, this Mage thing is pretty hard. :?

I have done a pretty good job following the advice of many of you on my energy-based Mage build but am struggling. Maybe my Mage is just going through an awkward phase in the mid-levels.

I have stats of 5 str, 5 dex, 125 focus, 25 vit so I think that looks good.

For my skills, I have shield maxed, meditate 9, firebolt 7, allure of fire 1, bandage 1, well 1. I had shard on there at one but replaced it with well when I was running out of energy too often. I miss the damage I was doing with higher allure and firebolt before my rebuild. And despite having meditate at 9 and having added four or more energy cigels, it takes forever to regen after a fight, going from 0 to 445 energy. I tried boost instead of meditate before and that wasn't better, though it was at a low level.

I have tried carrying a shield and not carrying a shield. The extra energy from not carrying one seems to work a little better. My necklace gives me 34 health and 34 energy.

My fights start with allure, spam firebolts until the energy is drained, and then pummel the enemy to death with my scepter until I win or die. I have to carefully pull one enemy at a time which is tough to do in many places.

I know all classes have their challenges but it just feels like there must be a better strategy. Or maybe I am just going through a rough patch until I level a few more times. Either way, I definitely think playing a Mage is harder than playing a rogue.


At this point, I can beat one, maybe two acolytes or one skeleton. I get crushed pretty quickly when more than one thing attacks.

The energy shield is very cool but until you have a ton of energy, it's obviously pulling both sides from one small pot. I have to think this works better at level 50 than it does at level 25.

Re: Being a Mage is Hard

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:45 pm
by Quickcloud
You should max fireball followed by fire lure then fire shield. Really that's all you need to get you to 40s. The energy shield Mage is meant for trying to solo avatar. You really don't need it until then. With those three skills maxed out I usually have fire shield up. Pull with fire lure then fireball. Mobs your level, except 3 star, should only take 2 fireballs to kill. Which means you shouldn't have taken enough dmg for. Energy shield to really be needed. You would need to also put more points into vit though.

Atleast this was the most efficient and fastest way for me lvl IMO. We will see what others think.

Re: Being a Mage is Hard

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:01 pm
by XLegion
Having played each class to a minimum of 20, I can say with great confidence that Druid is the hardest to level, followed closely by Mage. The offset is that the higher level you get as a Mage, the better they become. You are correct in that the larger energy pool is what makes the biggest difference-but it's also having much higher ability scores. Unless you are a full plate wearing vitality Mage, we struggle in dungeons-due to our depency on energy. Once you hit the 35-40 lvl range it becomes almost unfair at how quickly enemy mobs go down-but getting to that point is a test of will of patience.

I am sorry to hear that things are rough for you right now, but I do feel your pain as I made a 2nd Mage dedicated to ice to see how effective it really is, and it is about lvl 20 now. Again, it's a matter of patience and leveling up your abilities that will ultimately make the effort worth while.

*as a side note, casting classes in general are at a disadvantage since putting points into vitality = more health than it would be to put points into focus for energy-add in the cost of certain skills, and a slow regen... Not too hard to see why the casters are played the least.

Re: Being a Mage is Hard

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:49 pm
by Wolf
Max out fireball, cloak of fire, lure of fire and energy well. Lvl 10 energy well should allow you to drop points from focus if you keep the buff on you at all times. Cast cloak of fire before each battle and start it off with lure. you should smash everything.

Re: Being a Mage is Hard

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:34 am
by Athos
Thanks guys. I rebuilt my Mage again and am much happier with the results. We'll see if I get to a point where I have to change tactics for higher levels but for now, it's playing in a way that better suits my style.