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Re: Vitality or focus

How much total armor and weight are you getting from this special Pre-update plate?

I have some random crap stuff on now, which is 89 armor and 106 weight. I put 40 points in vitality (250 health) and rest 125 or so into energy. Result is I have 300 energy (all that weight) and 250 health. It is working quite well for me so far, I think I would fail with less armor. I am lv32 and use lv10 fbolt, lv10 flure, lv10 cloak, and lv5 meditate to get me by. Soon I hope to buy platinum, unlock the three slots and buy 10-15 energy sigils. For the future I'm thinking of this at lv50:

40 vitality
210 focus

Lv10 fire bolt
Lv10 fire lure
Lv10 fire cloak
Lv10 meditate
Lv10 energy shield

After that maybe bandage wounds.

Armor future:

110 def or more (if I get greater charstone, helm of wanderer, better boots)
Weight: 120 maybe tops

I want thoughts on this, and armor advice please. If I go with energy shield and have ice up a bunch, then low weight might be better? Does armor affect the damage done to energy shield? ATM the fire skills are so super powered it might not make a difference, but if I were to want to solo big stuff would this work at all?


EDIT: Ok wow thanks Wolf. That is some darn GOOD armor right there. I also updated/fixed my numbers in the edit.
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Re: Vitality or focus

With the pre-update armour and reinforced tower shield and a greater charstone ring, I have 178 armour and 120 weight. For the advice, your build is clearly the energy/ice Mage build so you wouod be better off waiting for yesteryear/Nito to reply, because my knowledge of this build is very limited.
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