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Re: Mount/Pet

I personally use the Elk and Bunny - Due to the healing and focus the bunny has. I constantly heal everyone but myself and can use the bunny when I need a quick heal too (other than breath). The Elk is great as it has focus too. This gives you an even higher heal.

Focus focus focus - I am full focus as a support Druid.

My current heals - without Elk equipped as those damn Pet whistles become expensive when you die frequently at an EG raid.

Natures Touch is - 5072 (Crit 10144)
Nature’s breath - 2525 (Curt 5050)
Arawn - General of Resurgence

Gaiboi - Full DG Druid level 221
Paphiopedilum - DL Lock Rogue level 190
Pleurothallis - Mage level 189
Masdevallia - Warrior level 189
Bulbophyllum - Rogue level 99

Re: Mount/Pet

I do not like the hare look, the eagle is much cooler. But mana regen is very useful instead of lix, a self heal is handy too.
Do not using new mounts, but an old good broom-type. Maybe would reconsider if the whistles could be obtained through a quest like the ley fragments.

Re: Mount/Pet

Depends on your role and other gear, but elk and rabbit is probably the best all-around combo. The wolf's dex is useful if you use wind or solo, and the eagle is only likely to benefit you if you're a melee druid. Dps casters use too much energy. If I'm healing also, hero energy lex and spamming my maxed yellow rabbit doesn't keep up with my energy consumption.
Morrigan: Avalon (Yes, I'm still playing)
AwsomeO: 227 Druid
Hyperbole: 200 Rogue

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