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Druid solo lvl dps build and skills? please help

Im a level 94 druid. i want to level solo because nobody in my clan is my level or anywhere close. i want to know what i should do for dps.
Str: 5
Dex: 5
Foc: 235 (335)
Vit: 250

SV: 25/25
Wind: 25/25
Swarm: 25/25
LS: 22/25
Bless: 1/25 (10/25)

Full warden
Masters Grim (100 foc included ^^)
Hero Ammy
Minor,Greater,Royal Bless rings (9 Skill points)

here is what i have. Thanks
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Re: Druid solo lvl dps build and skills? please help

You should know it will take 3x the amount of time and resources to level as compared to a rogue, mage, or warrior. OTM could fix this by tweaking a few skills but refuse to without having a genuine justification for it when they are the ones that created the issue in the first place.

OTM is like that boss that that takes 5 people and tells all of them that they will make 50k per year except one of them will have to work 120 hours per week while the others only have to work 40 hours per week.
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Re: Druid solo lvl dps build and skills? please help

If you can dual, make a rogue. If you can't, you have to do everything you can to maximize the points in your damage skills. This may include keeping NT at 1 point, so it's uninterruptable, and adding Storm Touch.

About your level, there were two builds that I found useful. Which is better depends on what you're trying to kill. If mostly melee mobs, Roots, SV, LS, Bees, and Bark. If casters or archers, then swap Roots for Wind (you need defense for it to work well) and Bees for Storm Touch. In general, Roots builds are highly underrated, especially for bosses. If you have enough sigils or energy lix, a druid with roots build can kill damn near anything.
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