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A Quick Guide to Maxing Critical Skills

Hello endeared fellow Druids!

With the advent of critical skills we have been blessed, through an advantage we never thought existed, a perk that allowed me (and now you) to max your critical skills ability within 3-4 hours:

Stinging Swarm

The procedure is simple:
1. Venture to the first Pirates room in Fingal's Cave!
2. Equip all the dex/defense-adding gear you have!
3. Round up all the pirates in the cave (or as many as you can manage)!
4. Chug a heroic wisdom elixir!
5. Keep a level 1 Stinging Swarm on the Pirates!
6. Watch your critical skills ability shoot up!
7. Reset the Pirates when necessary!

The premise is simple: each individual strike/heal of a skill has a chance to crit, thus a chance to increasd your critical skills ability. By maximizing the Swarm targets (12 pirates in that room?) you maximize the gains.. Equivalent to spamming a minute and a half worth of Nature's Touch every five seconds. With this method I maxed my ability in 3-4 hours, while most others were still at 400.

Now the secret is out, go max your critical skills ability!

Happy Healing,

World Taranis

- Regenleif -
Aedin Flameborn

Former Leader in theILLUMINATI, Aeon, and Taranis United

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Re: A Quick Guide to Maxing Critical Skills

Another quick way I found is while camping bosses chug a wisdom and cast recuperate on urself aswell as natures embrace on any1 standing around (can be lvl 1 doesn't matter) with the cast time/cooldown u can have it castes on 3 ppl at once and every tick counts towards increasing crit skills so after boss spawns u can keep it castes on urself and tank (assuming no Druid there actually uses it for the tank) and watch ur abilities shoot up

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