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Teachings of Boyd - Druid

Hi, Greenhealer here of Taranis, many have said to me in the past they had issues when starting a druid, so i'm here to solve this for anyone that is interested in progressing as a druid.
This guide will assume you have little knowledge of the game and are soloing your kills and experience, have no alternate accounts, or platinum to spend.

So you want to be a Druid?
Here are some things i have found helpful over my years as druid, firstly categorized then placed in order of importance.

1. keep positive, this generates a positive atmosphere for others so they will enjoy having you in their groups. this alone can get you into groups others cant.

2. Heal Random people when you see they need it. This is the most effective way to build your friendships and reputation as an effective druid. People will respect you more if you heal those you don't like just because its helps everyone.

1. When soloing keep Natures touch level 1, the only reason for this is at level 1 natures touch CAN NOT be interrupted, thus making emergency heals more consistent. items that give focus or nature magic increase the potency without increasing the level and thus keep it unable to be interrupted.

2. Natures embrace is your best friend, once this skill is acquired keep it at it's highest level when soloing, not only does this enable you to stay alive to kill, it is also a great support skill.

3. Damage skills of your preference are next on the list of priorities as once you can sustain the current damage your receiving you can focus on damage.
Personally i prioritize Strangling Vines, then Swarm once acquiring the skill tome from players.
The reason for this is to save energy, as one Storm touch or lightning strike will do less total damage than swarm or vines of the same energy consumption.

4. Shield of bark, at any point you may wish to use this skill to enable natures embrace to effectively continue to be your main source of health. This is also a great support skill.

For this guide i will only go into stats briefly as this is aimed at a solo build.
stats are fairly easy for a druid when soloing as your can do all focus as long as you survive. If you have no items to increase your health or vit i strongly suggest 100 vitality and the rest on focus until 100+ then increase.

1. When starting a new druid 1 item thats comes to mind is first and foremost the cheapest in-combat energy regeneration item you can get, i.e. 10,000 g castle luxury shop energy necklace, at minimum. Slowly upgrade this until you have no need for it.

2. Amour, the best amour you can afford until you are able to obtain quest amour.
When starting from scratch it can be difficult to acquire gold so at times it is best to go cheaper to get more gold sooner. Once you are able to obtain warden amours you should progress to next items on this list. I otherwise advise shadow quest amours for a cheap if not free alternative until warden+.
The reason i personally prefer quest amours over other amours that increase your heals is for survivability when using low vitality solo setups. As a bosses chaos aoe skill can one hit this setup, so increase vitality according to your health needs if obtaining idols is difficult.

3. Mount with speed and camouflage, this is very much a luxury item but is extremely useful in many situations. Any mount with speed will be sufficient at minimum, this assists with getting to and from many locations.

4. the 4th and final thing i would suggest buying with in game gold is energy sigil chests from players. This adds great energy regeneration when out of combat.

The most important location for any new player in my opinion is the tavern at east dock in Lirs.
The reason for this is upon entering you regenerate health and energy. this is extremely useful for any class with or without regeneration.

Quests of importance
1. For the best experience always do your best to progress your main quest until you require levels to continue.
No amount of elixers and power leveling will compete with how easy it is to level from 1 to 40 following the main quest on its own.

2. Daily quests are a great change from normal day to day leveling methods. Do these when you need a change from leveling or find yourself in need of some extra gold.
Collecting hunter remains to ether use and/or sell are also great for those times when you just need something different.

3. Any quest that provides an ability, abilities provide you with and edge that others cannot just see, keeping your abilities at their highest point will give you an advantage over other druids that haven't spent the time to do so by not only increasing your heals, but also your defenses and accuracy with spells.

I hope any who wish to start a druid find this helpful, and i hope to bring you more guides in the future.
If any one wishes for me to create one of these for each class just post 1+ and the class you would like to see a guide for, the class with the most 1+ will be prioritized. If you would like me to create an extensive druid guide for Leveling 1-100 then post that.

:) enjoy.
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Re: Teachings of Boyd - Druid

Very nicely done. What you said almost mimics the progression path my druid took. I agree wholeheartedly agree with maxing vines and swarm, especially now that we have critical skills. Every time those skills tick there is a chance for them to crit. Druids arent as nerfed now as they used to be :).
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