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Re: Cant wait for the druid to be upgrade next event

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:
Rebirth wrote:From what I have seen, vines, swarm, and storm touch are all getting buffed. I am happy with that

Thank you otm! All we need now is vines cast time nerf and storm touch range boost :lol:

I think that vines should be instacast, or close to it, and do damage immediately. It gets annoying when you are leveling with a rogue/mage and anything below a 4* mob gets killed before vines has a chance to do some damage.

Re: Cant wait for the druid to be upgrade next event

JasonZ crom wrote:ive heard that touch casting time is being reduced by 1 second or something? i hope so will make lvlin my druid so much easier, the amount of times touch needed 1 more second to cast n stop me dying is crazy

Lol well at least bees are getting buffed. At least I've been told. I didn't notice any difference in dmg in beta
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