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Low level Druid pvp guide vs players much higher

Ok so let's start this off quickly.
You will need:
60%+ mount
Golden crown of wizardry
Masters grumped
Heroic boots of speed
Chest legs and gloves should be dusk/dark shadow or Silverleaf if you aren't high enough level for certain pieces.
Hero ammy
Energy regen brac (health regen will help but isn't needed)
Rings... Anything focus boosting, energy boosting, or skill boosting.
Vit should be double your level +10. If I'm level 20 that means 50 vit which is about 400health
Rest in focus

Max swarm. At low levels poison resist is crazy low, and I find that I hit almost the max damage per tick with this.
Max touch next. After speeding away with your mount you should heal yourself.
Bark next
If you get hit better make it hurt less
Embrace next
Dot heal
Extras in abundance
Extra health = more survivability
You should walk up to the space here you can't be hit. Cast abundance, embrace, and bark, then finish off healing yourself with a quick touch.
Walk in, swarm the target, and RUN. As you run quickly tap the mount on your hot bar if anything runs out get to a safe distance and refresh. If swarm expires run back in and repeat.

Golden crown of wizardry
Dusk/dark shadow gloves
Heroic boots of speed
Dusk/dark shadow pants
Dusk/dark shadow chest
Hero ammy
Health regen brace
Energy regen brace
Rings... As long as thy boost energy, focus, or skills
Masters grimore
If you can get a main hand that boosts one of your skills, if level 80 use warden totem as it adds energy

Vit double your level +10
All others in focus

Roots should always be able to root 10 above you when leveling, and 25 when in a dueling build
Swarm should be maxed. Always amazing in low level pvp
Bark should be maxed
Strike should be maxed
Extras in abundance
I left out vines. Why? Crushing damage is highly resisted by armor and resists at all levels. Poison damage is a different story. If you use vines id recommend replacing abundance with it
Have embrace bark and abundance on before duel starts
Vines (if using)
Refresh roots swarm and vines when possible, rehir strike when it's ready.

This build guide is better for the arena but I do my best on the castle variant, which won't be nearly as good as the arena variant

Re: Low level Druid pvp guide vs players much higher

Loco cola wrote:
Zyz wrote:Smh...speed away on your mount. Real men don't run from a fight.

But seriously get off the mount. It just looks silly doing pvp on a mount.

Well this was tested against a 105 rogue and I was using my level 60druid so...

Sooo you beat a badly geared rogue who couldn't attack you back. Maybe next time he'll be on a glider and y'all two can chase each other around the castle
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Re: Low level Druid pvp guide vs players much higher

yes, cause armor doesn't make any sort of difference against a druid's swarm. exalted dl vs cloth armor, all the same. Pvp comes down to lux and gear; does he have a 100/met dagger and offhand axe? wyld ammy? grand+ ss ring? etc. A good lvl 100 pvp toon could probably take on 5 terrible-geared 100 toons at the same time and come out ahead. Heck, I've beat ppl around 100 with a lvl 11 pvp druid lol.

I don't do much low lvl druid pvping so not sure about effectiveness of skills, but at 60 this would prob work pretty good:
flint/quartz legs and bp, heroic gloves and boots, any hp helm (or wolf helm against certain classes)
heroic ammy, hp scavenger brace along with a good resist one (or glitched 150 hp e regen brace if you have ;) )
2,3,4,5 swarm rings
mountain/wind shield

Maxed swarm, probably along with bark and bless (if using bless, quickswap rings for better boost)
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