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Re: Solo melee build?

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:55 pm
by Zyz
xxgetproxx wrote:
Zyz wrote:
xxgetproxx wrote:What I would do is have full radiant, and anything adding damage rather than strength, most of my points will go in dex (for attack) and some in vit (favor dex more) axe offhand, totem from shop. Run with double attack, shield of bark, abundance, energy boost (if your player is still old enough) and abundance aura. If you don't have energy boost, just replace with an insta cast I suppose. And run with a super combo and heroic rainbow lix...

This is the weirdest suggestions I've ever heard of a druid build.

worked for me..

What level was your druid? I don't get running abundance and abundant aura. I see running abundance or embrace. But no dmg skills other than dbl attack?

Keep in mind the OP is level 215