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Re: Storm touch bracers.

Regenleif wrote:The only ones I can think of are the bracelets that dropped from the event bosses during Ostara 2015.

And those sucked :roll:

I've been using bees since it's such an easy skill to max out, I'll try storm touch when I can find a royal ring to get 45/40.
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Re: Storm touch bracers.

paggasquid wrote:
SeeBass wrote:Necro storm touch braces don't add to skill, they reduce cooldown time

Ik but cooldown reduction can somehow be seen as an extra damage increase

Yes, but I believe Aralant is looking for such items to boost a single skill hit - perhaps in pursuit of the highest skill hit.
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Re: Storm touch bracers.

Few threads down, optimizing for highest skill hit, look at my post towards the end of the first page. Emberdrake braces add direct damage, otherworld rings are the only source of skill points for storm touch
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Re: Storm touch bracers.

Im just looking for any brace to improve storm touch. Currently my dps build still uses aggy healer braces. Im looking to boost my storm touch past 35, hopefully all the way to 45 or 50.

Necro braces will be a long term goal. Currently im not high enough lvl to use them and donn server cant kill necro yet.

I was hoping this event would show some love to one of the least supported skills on game.

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