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Re: optimizing for highest skill hit

gmat wrote:I know that druids can hit over 7K on a storm touch.
I'd like to try to push this to the max.
So far I have not been able to get over 6306 (I cant find any storm touch rings so I am capped at 40 points for now)

Obviously full focus spec.
Gear: + storm touch gear > focus gear > nature magic gear
So I have a full set of focus jewely or natures magic jewelry. I have ancient beastbone legs, occult gloves, the rest DL/EDL

Sadly I am capped at level 40 on storm touch (where the hell can I find storm touch point gear????)

I have been casting it on the level-less frogs by heroes landing (they have no resistances at all)

Obviously if I could get storm touch to 50 it would be ALOT more damage, but this is what i have to work with.

Any suggestions on how to push this number higher?

Use a royal ring of storm touch or a mordris ring.
A level a day keeps efnisien away

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