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Re: Druid solo build

Zyz wrote:
Kaperath wrote:I dunno how many pts u got or anything but if you have room for 5skills. I'd suggest storm touch,vines,lightning strike, wind, and natures touch. Reason for wind instead of bark is because bark only reduces dmg. Wind helps increase chance of dodging autos. I dodge 95% of autos without maxing wind. Unless u wanna use pots and such then go ahead with bark .-.

Makes me bang my head everytime I see that 'facial expression' ever since we've had some ios players come to android and I swear it's on everything they type.

Winds is dependent on gear. I have very little defense on my druid. If you have no defense like my druid then winds won't do you any good.

That being said, I don't use winds or bark.

I use strike, vines, swarm, storm, embrace, and abundance. I use combos to lix and go high vit.

It depends on where you level. Do the mobs have a lot of melee? Are they mainly skill hits?

._. are u reffering to curry and i?
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