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Re: Thinks he is OP funny story

Aralant wrote:Should swap to dps real quick a nuke him.

People think druid cant pvp but once you got vines on em anyone is dead, even if they kill you first.

Druids can pvp just fine. But you can't do anything else and you might have to change skills depending on the class you're dueling.

Unfortunately it doesn't matter how much dmg our vines do if we die first
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Re: Thinks he is OP funny story

killstealer wrote:Bark against melee, also sanc. Vines storm spam light and run

You can melee rogues with an axe :twisted:

bless against mages along with their ward,
Bless and full dps. MUST AUTO WITH FIST
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Re: Thinks he is OP funny story

Just challenge him that if he can one skill kill you, you admit hes good if not then he sucks :P
Vines is the only one skill kill gurantee lol except from tanks atleast..a GOOD tank
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Re: Thinks he is OP funny story

Lio wrote:... But out in the world is my domain and i decide who lives and dies. I am so OP I don't even have to do my own killing. I can stand back and watch the world do my bidding.

bahahaha nice said :lol:
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