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DPS Druid Ideas

Hey guys,

I realize that this is more of a Suggestion, but i wanted to post it here before going to the suggestion forums.

So, I've been going with a DPS build for lvling (Max vines, lightning, storm, 15 pts in bark and embrace, 10 pts in wind, 5 pts in Touch). The problem is, of course, energy consumption. Compared to dps classes, it is more or less impossible to play an effective DPS Druid.

So I've been thinking:
Hook wind, vines, lightning and storm to vitality (not focus). Drastically lower energy cost of these skills (comparable to ranger/rogue. In this scenario, skills should only start being very effective with a high focus/vitality, so that it's not overpowered. That means that a great dps build for, say, lvl 110 would have maybe 50 focus, 500 vitality . Dmg output should be comparable to rangers, heals at this lvl nerfed to 350ish (maxed touch). It would of course require some testing to get bark/embrace at acceptable lvls to compensate for the low armor while not being OP.

Personally, I think it'd be cool to have ranger light heal / defensive spikes hooked to focus, so they too could chose between healer and dps (their first aid would need to get a boost at high focus though and their dps a nerf). Something similar would also be interesting for rogues (like a dmg / health swap, etc).

I was even thinking that adding some skill with a stat requirement would be awesome. Like Natures Touch lvl 20/30 requires 300 focus.

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Re: DPS Druid Ideas

Not a huge fan of the idea. I fully appreciate the hardships that a DPS druid faces with energy (tried it) but it seems to me that this solution wouldn't fit. Druids would become too flexible, not too far from rangers. It seems to me like it would eliminate the whole experience of playing a druid.

Re: DPS Druid Ideas

this idea doesnt sound like a good one IMO. ive been outdpsing many ppl as dps druid with skills, i had 200 energy sigils at the time, yet energy was even then a problem. now i have 400 energy sigils and i think for a good energy regain during spam of skills it would not be enough. around 600 or 800 sigils would be needed to keep energy up. so agreed on the energy part, but disagreed on the effectiveness of dps, as i got pictures of me outdpsing lvl 130-140 dps ppl easily as a lvl 138-139 druid with a 200 vit rest focus build on bosses and phs. when i went full focus and full dps i outdpsd people on chained king even (with using many resto pots tho). so i suggest cutting the energy cost and keeping effectiveness the same, i would just like to see a mage with magic lure once as it increases the dps of a druid big time (diff of 400 dmg strike, 100-200 vines dmg and 500-600 dmg storm on wyverns), but that is not related to this problem :P
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