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Re: Hii all druid ...:D

I love druids too! I love levelling solo, and group!

EpIcHeaLzz from Mabon!
Clan: WolfGang
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Inferno19 - Level 127+ Mage
Sneakystrike - Level 195+ Rogue - Full DL
EpIcHeaLzz - Level 137+ Druid
Tankerzz - Level 127+ Warrior (PvP Beast: Invincible Veteran)

World: Mabon

Re: Hii all druid ...:D

i love druids, but i waste tons on books of alt and reb cuz i feel like changing the build everytime(dps and healer both r fun)
#NerfMages #AvoidBalance #WhyPlayARogue #MeatShieldOnly #HealingSlavesOnly

OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

Re: Hii all druid ...:D


and indeed good to see ppl appreciate all the effort it takes to truly lvl and master the druid class.
lvl 190 druid

not coming entirely back nor spending any more money untill OTM decides to make our class worth and affordable to play.

for advice contact me on
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