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Re: How much ur touch embrace and breath heal?

Banebow wrote:
Balboa wrote:Bals lvl 151 atm, my natures touch skill is maxed. Now the only increase will be from added focus I think.

Natures touch 50/35 is 1893
Natures Embrace 37/35 is 225
Natures Breathe 35/35 is 721


How did you get your touch to be so high?

I have my skill points maxed at 35 and use Royal Natures Touch ring an 2 Healers Bracelets of Focus which all gives an extra 15 Natures Touch points

Re: How much ur touch embrace and breath heal?

natures touch max: 1358
natures embrace max: 206
shield of bark max adds: 500 armor
natures breath max heal: 658
my lvl: 135

proud owner of highest heal in rosmerta without a royal ring(unlike the 3 ppl below me)
lvl 190 druid

not coming entirely back nor spending any more money untill OTM decides to make our class worth and affordable to play.

for advice contact me on
kik: yrck
touch: yrck ipod
skype: yrck666

Re: How much ur touch embrace and breath heal?

Hiya :) level 126 druid on Epona, character name Dawnings. My touch maxes at 1194, breath at 583 and embrace at 153. Also, I highly recommend strong vines for any assist druid. Mine max at around 700 damage and add a lot to boss fights. The only buff I use is embrace and I have no problem solo healing for most bosses. With the exception of lavalord and aggragoth of course.
From Epona!! :D
Druid Level 144: Dawnings
Warrior Level 101: Ianbean2
General in Wardens

Peace and Love,

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