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Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

This might come off as a rant so, before I start I'm posting this from my phone after a conversation I had with a clan member who is trying to level
My issue stems from a lack of need, for the class in game unless it's a boss fight. Unless the creaters of Celtic heroes wanted Druids around just for a pivotal boss fights, Druids need some major adjustments. I bring this up is because there is a lack of people playing druids, even less people enjoying the class.
Here is a list of things, I view, as issues with the class.
1. Interruption. Do I need to go into details. Interruptions petrifies casters.
2. Gear selection. If we want to avoid interruption you need pre update gear.
3. Spell recasting. Our recast times on such spells as Root and lighting have a huge re cast time.
4. Our spell selection. We have 1 nuke, 1 dot an armor and hit point buff. A damage mitigation debuff, a agro reducer, and two heals. Plus the general spell/skills all classes get. Or vine and root was nurfed during last game and they give us in return a great Heal over time, a horrible nuke and some unessary spells.
I will say this and only because I have a 53 warrior. The melee classes are way overpowered. Either we need versitality in our spells or harder content so the Druid class is needed. Im waiting in anticipation for Druid changes in this update.

With out healers there is no game progression. With out game progression this game will fall apart.
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Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

When the update comes out and the higher level areas are introduced, I would imagine that a full time healing class will be needed more-especially since the enemies will have more hp and hit harder. The staff damage from druids is going to be increased, as well as the damage from vines. Fumbling rate is going to be greatly improved as well.

I do agree that Druids should be the main concern (in terms of class balance) for the update after this, but the devs may surprise us with adjustments that we are unaware of.
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Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

I tried to introduce more offensive druids several times. Remove healing class and make a necromancer type maybe.

ssheretic wrote:1 No Healers, no Tanks, no DPS
This way responsibility is spread out amongst players: No more waiting for a druid to show up, or a tank to kill the Incarnation of Donn.
*Armor should not be based on class "roles", but on balance.
*All players should be able to heal themselves and swap roles in combat.
*Removing massive healing spells encourage players to swap roles as a tank. If a player is dying, another player has to jump in and take over that tank role.
*Every player should be able to rez other players. But keep a limit: when a player dies repeatedly, bringing him up should take longer each time.

I agree with this:
raven wrote:As I mentioned the flexibility of play makes the Ranger special. I have to tell you and I know from experience. Healing or tanking a boss fight is BORING. A tank will attack until they run out of energy then auto attack. While tanking I have watched TV, eaten supper, carried on a conversation with my fried etc.. while glancing at the screen to see when the boss is going to die

Healing is just a matter of blindly pushing buttons as they become pushable. What makes the healer and tank special also make them not fun to play in boss fights IMHO.

ssheretic's post and the video about the Holy Trinity in WOW explain why the Tank/Healer/DPS setup is such a drag, and I have to agree.

maybe useful topics:
Skills Synergy Suggestion
Combat System

or try and find more with "Search" Holy trinity
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Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

In order to make a tanks and healers less board during boss fights would be to different effects or events that happen during boss fights. For example boss skill that hits any target within a predefined range or after X amount of time mobs spawn and rush the boss area.

As far as the necromancer class, I think that would be fine for an additional class that does med dps (not quite as good as a mage) and med healing (not quite as good as a Druid.) I for one, like being a dedicated healer and have accepted not being a dps class. I like the way the Druid class is, as is, but just needs a few tweaks. Not a complete rework.

I hope in the next update or a future one they start adding dungeons that require groups for the whole thing. Not just for the boss, allowing for more group play.
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Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

Ya BUT adding a entire new class would have downsides as well... What happens if you spent hours working on your Druid to max out everything that's possible so you can have a chance of killing Enemies that my Friends level 26 Warrior can do faster competing against a level 54 Druid? Yes that sounds like Warriors are very powerful but really with the new update don't they have to be? Maybe at level 50 which seems like a Good level that you can choose to become an alternate class of the one you picked? A Druid could become a Necromancer, a Priest maybe who could have a spell that can be cast on others to regain Energy and do the same amount of healing as a Druid but less damage or just stay as a Druid? Rogues could become a Assassin, a Mercenary or stay as a Rogue... Idk but I'd think the general idea of having the ability to specify your role further on would be better then add more classes.
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Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

Greetings, I am somewhat disappointed with this game, and the biggest problem is exacly this.
I am workin myself with a private ultima online server, and creating classes/spells and trying to ballance them out and I know that it is a very diffecult task.

However, I've played Celtic Heroes, and tested each class and I find casters to be the weakest, specially healers.
First issue, why the hell making it so hard to heal? Interrupting their heals makes it increadibly hard going solo. And how about the variation of equipments?
With my warrior, I've worked weeks to get hold of that 50k helmet, and all the redclaw armors, and there's not that much of a difference. But when it comes to casters, and lets focus on Druids, getting hold of their items, silverleaf or whatever it is called, first trying to collect gold enough to buy them (with a druid you can't farm as easly as a warrior), and when you get your entire silverleaf set you feel no difference whatsoever. Pointless...

I quit play as a Druid because nomatter what item I'll get it wont make a difference. I dont care if I find a weapon on deal more damage, why would I go for damage as a druid class, when I can play a Warrior who are so much better for purpose. I play druid to be support, to heal and buff... But there are no items who help in that aspect. Well If I could find weapons who have weight 1, but in that case I could just go around naked.

Please, come up with something better, this will not work in the longterm... Soon enough another MMO that is free will come out and crush this if you don't think about these things.

Re: Don't alienate the only healing class in game.

i disagree, look at world of warcraft. It ruined the game by allowing all classes take any role. It is important to create classes with specializations, but also important to help each class to strive for something. By the stats that exist in this game, there is no point for a druid to look for better items.

How about +spellpower or life/mana regeneration items...

think about this and make healers and all casters worth playing...

I agree to have the bandage skill to be easily interrupted, but do not do natures touch, a healing spell equally easy to interrupt. Treat that spell as you treat any other offensive ability, so that the druid can acually can explore this world solo, even in the more challanging areas, as all the other classes.
But do not remove their role in bossfight.

when it comes to the excitment level on healing and tanking, thats another discussion and which is also in need of heavy improvement. But I would say this is more critical than any other subject, so focus on this please...

... another thing that could be interesting to ponder about, most players keeping their advice over night, and place their character (warrior/ranger or rogue) to kill fairly easy monsters and that way collect enough gold to buy anything that can be bought in this game. But with druids you have to sit with your advice and play constantly, which makes it so much requiring to get equipments, but again, why work so hard for equipments that doesn't really help you? I say reroll and create a warrior. (thast what I did)

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