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Re: Improvement idea for Druid

The point of the silverleaf gear is its high armour to weight ratio

ordinarily the energy gain for using the lighter lower armour items isnt worth the trade off

but once you find the +30 energy silverleaf gear
a full suit of it gives just enough armour(when stacked with maxed out bark shield)
and a massive energy improvement

basically dont buy it from the castle, win it in combat

also... am i the only druid not using the root spell?
as already mentioned we dont get skills for using ranged weapons
and leaving a monster out in the open while you attack from a distance is just an invitation to kill stealers
i usually have to engage a monster then lure it into a quiet corner so that my claim to it is accepted

Re: Improvement idea for Druid

what the hell are you on about?

strangling vines should be boosted not weakened

while i can see the mechanic of the root spell it to keep the monster at a distance then vines and lightning bolt them to death

as i have said, that looks (to other players) like a damaged unengaged monster and a prime target for easy xp/drops
so they will steal your kill and may not even understand why you are pissed off
the monster wasnt on you, it was in the middle of the room doing nothing

if you weakened strangling vines then killing monsters would take even longer
and the window for kill stealing would be greatly increased
(also doing less damage you would draw less aggro from the monster and it will turn on the next person that attacks it)

...unless you mean the holding in place effect should be weakened, which would be pointless, it would make more sense to just stack them individually for full effect, the only thing you would benefit is an extra skill slot

Re: Improvement idea for Druid

I would personally be happy with current skills if they lowered the MP costs (each are about 30 mp maxed out) and lower the cooldown time on lightning. Vines doing 50dmg on lvl 50's seems about right to me, but for lightning being a long cast and cooldown should do more dmg then around 130. Lowering cost and mp would equal the dmg/cost ratio or increasing the dmg of lightning.
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Re: Improvement idea for Druid

First off im a lvl 70 druidin rosmerta.

1- i believe that the root is useless
2-vinse could be boosted
3- lightning is ok i hit 150 on starspell
4- I think there should be something like dark lighning strike. It does twice the damage and can ony be bought at lvl 75 or 80. Or a warden spell upgrade.
(Admin please take a look into the possiblitie of making a new slightly stronger lighning strike for us druids)

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